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Is Radiating Pain Treatable?

Radiating pain refers to a pain that begins in one area and spreads to another causing discomfort and in many situations pain.

This tends to happen when there is a pinched or pulled nerve in your spine

Sometimes this is due to the nerves - for example, if a nerve gets pinched or pulled, it may hurt all along the nerve instead of just at the one spot that got hurt.

A lot of people experience radiating pain on their necks or lower back (lumbar spine area). When there is neck pain, radiating pain tends to their arm or possibly all the way to their hands. As someone with lower back pain can have a pain that travels from their back down to their legs.

When the pain has reached the hand or the foot, for example, it can represent a more serious issue. In this case, it is highly recommended you go to a specialist immediately to get it checked out.

What can help the radiating pain?

Anti-inflammatory over the counter meds like ibuprofen and acetaminophen could help bring relief, as could, heat pads and targeted physical therapy. When doing therapy it is important you see a professional because of a certain movement or misuse of machines you could accidentally strain a muscle and cause more damage than good.

Chiropractors are known as the experts in this area to treat the pain. Before initiating any type of treatment they will ask you for a brief history, give you a brief examination and may even order further tests (Like X-rays or an MRI) to determine where this pain is coming from or if there is some type of condition attached to it.

Chiropractors make adjustments in the alignments of your spine that could very possibly be pinching or obstructing the nerves in your spine.  

They also use certain therapies like AR (Active Release Technique) that hep free trapped nerves. They are able to break fibrous adhesions and scar tissues that build up soft tissue and clear nerves that are trapped.

If you believe you are suffering from radiating pain, please call a chiropractor or a specialist that can examine you and give you the treatment to take away or improve your pain.

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