What is Lumbar Spine Pain?

The lumbar spine refers to the area of the lower back that arches. 

Some facts about pain in the lumbar spine area (lower back)

  1. The lower back area is there to protect body tissues and for structural support and movement. 
  2. When there is a pain in the lower back it can be a result of certain conditions that affect the bony area of the back specifically in between the discs in the vertebrae, around the spine, cord and nerves that cover the entire lumbar area. 
  3. Treatment is very different depending on the severity of each case. To know the exact way to treat your pain, it must be seen and diagnosed by a medical professional. If you believe it is not severe enough to see a doctor then, home remedies may work and could be beneficial to relieve pain. 

Some common causes for lumbar spine pain can be a strain, an irritated nerve, special conditions, of the bone and joints 

Lumbar pain can be acute or chronic. This pain can come from a stretching injury to your ligaments, muscles or tendons in the lower back area. This tends to be one of the most common causes of lower back pain 

Injuries or accidents can be caused by misuse, overuse or trauma in the lower back area. When the area injured affects the soft-tissue it is considered “acute pain”. This pain tends to be present for days or even weeks. 

If the injury persists over 3 months, it is known as “chronic pain”. This kind of pain tends to increase around the age of 40, but the reality is it can happen at any age. 

This condition is understood as a particular discomfort in the lower back that may occur after some type of event that stressed the lumbar tissue. When it is considered chronic pain the severity can go from mild to severe depending on how compromised the strain may be to the lower nack. 

An X-Ray can determine how affected this area may be and what type of treatment should be enforced. 

Normally, doctors recommend resting on your back (to avoid any further injuring) and some type of medication to relieve the pain. 

Heat applications are also popular, as well as massages. Rehab may include exercises that strengthen your core because it is this area that holds your spine intact and can help avoid further injuring. 

If the pain persists taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen is surely recommended to bring relief to the area and to be able to go about your day. 

You should avoid certain activities like sitting down all day, make sure you keep your body moving and definitely not be involved in heavy lifting, whether its exercising or moving your apartment. Ask for help or do not be involved in this because the strain could cause irreparable damage. 

Lumbar Spine pain is treatable and avoidable. Make sure to get in touch with a professional if you feel your case requires further analysis. 

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