When is it Time to Worry About Chronic Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most frequent motives for consultation in the world of medicine and leave of absence at the workplace. 

This condition is unpleasant and can seriously deteriorate your quality of life. Pain, in general, restrains you from participating in regular day to day activities that would otherwise be done with ease and joy.

Back pain can affect anyone from any age, gender or culture. There is a tendency that demonstrates that the older you get the higher the probability of having pain, due to different reasons like your lifestyle, where and how you work or genetic reasons. 

Lower back pain is usually a result of some type of injury, from a sprain to a car accident or lifting heavy objects. It is associated with the lumbar spine, specifically the discs between the vertebrae and ligaments in the area.             

Upper back pain can be a more serious sign because it is linked to the aorta and possibly cancer. 

While left side and right side back pain are certainly common there are certain situations where it is important to see a pain and spike specialist to rule out any symptoms that can lead to something more serious. 

Get ready to answer the following 10 questions if you have decided that going to a medical professional is the best option for you. 

  1. When did the pain begin?
  2. When you have the pain, how long does it normally last?
  3. How frequent is the pain? 
  4. Where exactly is it hurting? On your left side or your right side? 
  5. Does the pain stay in one place or does it trickle down your leg? 
  6. How would you describe the pain? Sharp? Achy? 
  7. From 1 - 10 how severe would you say the pain is? 
  8. Have you tried to treat it before? How?
  9. Have you ever had these symptoms before? If so, how did you get better? 
  10. Have you been involved in an accident? 

These questions can help you explore the severity of your case and go to the doctor with a clear message in mind. 

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